Step Into Your Magic
Step Into Your Magic

Welcome to Step Into Your Magic

For those ready to finally dive into their magic in a safe and supportive community.

About Us

Founded by Stephanie Chinn and Kristjana Hillberg. In 2022, we created a course on how to unravel the ways we are told that we are not enough and how to build a foundation on the truth that we are. We are enough, we are powerful and we are deserving of our dreams. 

We, as women, deserve to take up space. The course has changed dozens of lives and this monthly membership is an extension of that course. The work never stops, and we are doing the work alongside you. Join us in this journey.  

 This isn't a space where we tell you who to be, but rather help you become the version of you that you long for while enjoying the journey in a supportive community. We want to see you, witness you and help you expand.

We cannot wait to see you within our space! Download the Mighty Networks app to access this space right from your phone!